Forbes Coaches Council Member Wendi Weiner Quoted in Fortune Magazine

Last month, Forbes Coaches Council member Wendi Weiner — attorney, Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) and owner of The Writing Guru — was featured in Fortune Magazine for her advice on millennial communication.

The article dives into how millennials use social media and smartphone communication in the workplace, and poses the question if it’s ever O.K. for someone to quit a job via text.

From Weiner: “Like it or not, millennials, dubbed the generation of quitters, are approaching office communication in a whole new way. They’re texting to communicate with supervisors.”

She goes on to speak about why millennials may find it appropriate to text a boss saying that they’re quitting, and how it can be difficult for them to see the negative impact it might have on future employment opportunities.

Read more of Weiner’s expert career advice for millennials in the article, here.