Forbes Coaches Council Member Spotlight: Robyn Hatcher, Founder of SpeakEtc.

Forbes Coaches Council members come from a wide range of backgrounds. And with their wide range of experiences, they have a lot to share with clients and fellow members of the community. To help them share with an even greater audience, we’re profiling Forbes Coaches Council members here on the blog. This week: Robyn Hatcher.

Robyn Hatcher is the founder of SpeakEtc., a communication and presentation skills training company whose clients have included C-suite executives and entrepreneurs, as well as academics and human services professionals. She is the author of Standing Ovation Presentations, which was listed on as one of the Top 100 Coaching Books.

What inspired you to become a coach?

My nickname growing up was literally “Shy” because I was so reluctant to speak to anyone who wasn’t in my immediate family. In high school, I came out of my shell through joining Drama Club. Fast forward, I became an actress, writer and teacher and, while teaching English as a Second Language, I became frustrated by my adult students still not feeling comfortable communicating. I became passionate about helping these students communicate and learning what goes into the art of communication. Using my acting and writing experiences and the wealth of intuitive knowledge I learned while being shy, I developed a technique that really empowered my students to confidently communicate. Once I experienced that success, it became clear that this was something that I loved to do and was very good at and I decided to take those skills to the broader native-English-speaking market who I knew desperately needed my service.

What one piece of advice do you find yourself relying on most? Why?

Focus! In order to succeed, you need to focus on specific goals and create a system for accountability.

What is the biggest hurdle your clients face? What advice would you give others struggling with this issue?

I focus primarily on communication skills and I think the biggest hurdles my clients face is “giving themselves permission” to express themselves with confidence. So many people have put up tiny barriers that block them from being as powerful and engaging as they could be. I advise all my clients to dig down and discover their unique value and to discover what they have to give to their listeners, their clients, prospects, their employers and their employees and know that it is their duty to share that value as effectively as possible. I coach them on how to get rid of the body language, vocal tone and or verbal ticks that get in the way of their true value being communicated. So my advice to others is to own and communicate your value or what I like to say, “express to impress.”


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