Forbes Coaches Council Member Anne C. Graham Releases 2016 Return On People Benchmark Report

For the last 10 years, Anne C. Graham, managing director of The Legendary Value Institute has been compiling the Return on People Benchmark Report. The Report grades Fortune 500 companies based on their profit-per-employee and indicates how well America’s largest companies are transforming their employees’ talent into take-it-to-the-bank success. According to Graham, more than one in six of the Fortune 500s are losing money, despite having some of the highest revenues in the world.

The report allows companies to evaluate productivity and the creation of value. More importantly, it serves as a catalyst for leaders to set the bar higher and achieve results.

If you’d like to download a complimentary copy of the comprehensive report so that you can benchmark your company against the overall Fortune 500 and against their industry please visit: You can use the results to inspire your company to move up a grade in the coming year.