Forbes Technology Council Member Vishal Agarwal Launches Check-Splitting App, Checkmate

Forbes Technology Council Member Vishal Agarwal recently launched Checkmate, an app that makes the dining experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Checkmate allows users to avoid the hassle of waiting to pay their bill at the end of their dining experience. Users can search its listing for participating restaurants, view their live tab on the phone, pay and split the check – all from their app. And all of this is done without increasing any work for the servers / bartenders.

On what inspired the app, Agarwal says: “As with all consumer facing products, my initial impetus was that there are inefficiencies in the dining process and resulted from my own experience of waiting for the check. I realized there is at least a 7-10-minute gap between when the diners want to leave and when they actually leave due to waiting for the check. However, on researching further, I realized there are tons of inefficiencies on the staff side as well, as servers have to handle credit cards or even split one check multiple different ways. I wanted to build this solution to solve a problem for “both sides of the counter.”

Checkmate fits seamlessly into the workflow of servers and bartenders by integrating with the restaurant’s POS. Staff members do not need to change their usual workflow, and all details are made available to the customers on their Checkmate app.

You can learn more about the app at or download it for iOS here.