Forbes Technology Council Member Arvind Prabhakar Launches StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager (DPM)

Forbes Technology Council Member Arvind Prabhakar recently launched StreamSets Dataflow Performance Manager (DPM), enterprise software for managing the timeliness and trustworthiness of all of a company’s big data as it continuously flows from a variety of sources into analytic applications.arvind_prabhakar

It gives the business control over the day-in-day-out performance of its data flows so they can have confidence in the results delivered by their data-driven applications.

The product is especially useful for business initiatives relying on multiple data sources such as customer 360, website personalization, cyber security, digital product optimization and IoT projects.

Prabhakar says: “Businesses who strive to be data-driven struggle to take full advantage of the myriad new data sources available to them. In particular, they are operationally blind when it comes to the completeness and quality of the data that drives their end applications. They cannot tell when data is being dropped, or whether the data has changed in a way that might invalidate the results of the downstream analysis. The emergence of novel and raw big data sources greatly increases the risk of missing or corrupted data.

We built StreamSets DPM to provide a single pane of glass for managing the operations of these new complex data flows so that companies can take control of the performance of both the data and the applications that rely on it.”

Read more about this launch in Streamsets’s press release, and check out the product demonstration video here.