Forbes Coaches Council Members Lead Clients to Success, Publish New Data

A coach’s work is never done, and two members of Forbes Coaches Council couldn’t agree more. They’re accomplishing great things in their industry, from guiding their clients to success to sharing data that will improve entrepreneurs’ leadership development efforts.

Offshore Drilling Client of RLG International Improves Operations

Robert Mason, leadership and performance coach at RLG International.

Robert Mason, Forbes Coaches Council member and “change management guru” at RLG International, helped his offshore drilling client in the Gulf of Mexico save $434 million and improve their safety and reliability. As a leadership and performance coach, Mason helped the company apply best practices from other fields to their change management transformation.

After the company lost 160 drilling days across its fleet each year, 10 days more than the industry average, Mason helped his client articulate their strategy, challenge their limits, get an earlier start and implement front-line engagement, among other tasks. As a result, the company has significantly improved its project performance. Known by RLG International as Project Excellence™ (Px™), the process is a long-lasting solution to enhance planning, optimization and execution.

According to Mason, “When your operation is stuck in a rut, it can be the result of the tired old way of doing things. It is easy to recognize that change is needed, but it takes much more to make and implement that change. In these situations, bringing in a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference.”

To learn more, read RLG International’s post here.

Monica Davis Publishes List of Common Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Monica Davis, president of Atela Productions Inc. and founder of Exceptional People Magazine published an article outlining the top 14 traits of successful entrepreneurs today. 

“To succeed, an aspiring entrepreneur must possess several key characteristics,” says Davis. “Atela Productions works closely with successful entrepreneurs within the media industry and communicates their winning strategies with hundreds of other entrepreneurs through its flagship publication Exceptional People Magazine. Our monthly success stories and contact with our readership has revealed distinct traits that successful people possess.”

According to Davis’ list, successful entrepreneurs:

  1. Are visionaries
  2. Have passion
  3. Know their “why”
  4. Network
  5. Have a support team
  6. Invest in themselves
  7. Believe in their ability to succeed
  8. Are committed
  9. Have a plan
  10. Consistently take action
  11. Are not easily discouraged
  12. Surround themselves with successful people
  13. Are flexible
  14. Are always improving their leadership skills

“My goal in sharing this list is to help entrepreneurs think about and develop the best plan and outlook possible for success as business owners and leaders,” says Davis. “I hope it will inspire them to think more deeply about their endeavors and the approach they take to achieving entrepreneurial success.”

Read the full article here.

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