Forbes Technology Council members are consistently innovating and changing the tech sphere. Sample the latest developments below, which cover everything from a “new internet” to hyper-effective fraud detection.

Christopher Ciabarra Launched New Internet Startup, Authenticated Reality

Chris Ciabarra. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Christopher Ciabarra, founder of POS system Revel, launched a new internet company with co-founders Jessica Strickland, Darin Anderson and Peter Zed.

His latest tech endeavor, called Authenticated Reality, dubbed itself “The New Internet” amidst the time of fake news and “alternative facts.” Its browser requires users to prove their identity by creating an account and scanning their license. Ciabarra and his co-founders hope that, by creating a verified account, users can be held accountable.

Says Ciabarra, “When you do something, you’re putting your reputation behind it.”

He has big plans for Authenticated Reality: “I want to get every single person in the world on this platform.”

Read more about the news on TechCrunch or visit Authenticated Reality here.

Veeam Strengthens Cloud Business With Senior Leadership

Doug Hazelman. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Doug Hazelman‘s company Veeam is driving growth this year with more senior positions. With more than 14,300 global partners and 45,000 resellers, the company is helping customers everywhere accelerate their cloud adoption.

Veeam is a cloud business that helps companies meet recovery time and point objectives of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data. It delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility.

With an estimated 67 percent enterprise IT infrastructure and software to be focused on cloud application, Veeam’s services will be essential to many organizations.

Read more about the news here.

Accelerance Published Helpful New Report on Different Regions’ Outsourcing Costs

Steve Mezak. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Steve Mezak‘s software development outsourcing company, Accelerance, launched a new report, 2017 Guide to Global Software Outsourcing Rates. The complimentary guide presents the competitive global rates an enterprise or chief technology officer (CTO) can expect to pay when outsourcing to various regions. It also describes the cost benefits of outsourcing, variable cost factors, and the main considerations when reviewing outsourcing costs.

Accelerance specializes in working with SMBs and mid-market enterprises. It’s a third-party outsourcing advisory service that vets the qualifications of software service providers from around the world, saving users a ton of time and money. Accelerance providers have expertise in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and standard technology, mobile and complex tech stacks.

Download the guide here or visit Accelerance here.

Ranga Rajagopalan. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Avi Networks Launched Record-Breaking Demo for Load Balancer

Ranga Rajagopalan‘s company Avi Networks announced an industry record demo, scaling in 10 minutes from zero traffic to one million transactions per second for a single web application on Google Cloud.

The demo is an important milestone for the load balancer and application services market as it debunks a common conception that hardware load balancing appliances are necessary to handle large transaction volumes or throughput requirements.

In the enterprise, load balancers distribute application traffic over a variety of servers to ensure and optimize app performance. Some of the world’s largest retailers, financial institutions and telcos have turned to Avi Networks’ software-defined load balancers, compared to hardware appliances and application services, to better manage and scale their digital business.

Read more here.

BioCatch Partnered With Nuance to Expand Fraud Detection Across its Channels

Avi Turgeman. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Avi Turgeman‘s cybersecurity company BioCatch teamed up with communications system Nuance earlier this year to offer new fraud detection services.

BioCatch uses behavioral biometrics data to offer solutions like criminal profiling, aggregator detection, malware detection and analyst station. Now, BioCatch is backed by Nuance, which analyzes human interactions to understand natural language and help people understand the complexities of technology. Nuance pledges, “We continuously evolve the ability to perceive the nuance of words, actions and meaning—to fit seamlessly into your life, your business and your world.”

BioCatch adds a unique layer of protection that allows organizations to flag potentially fraudulent activity based on inconsistencies in the way a person interacts with a device or an application. By learning how people typically use their device — how they swipe on their mobile device or toggle between fields, for example — BioCatch builds a unique behavioral user profile and can then alert the user when an unauthorized person may be accessing the device.

Read the press release here or visit BioCatch here.

Ameesh Divatia. Photo courtesy of the individual member.

Baffle Launched Encryption-as-a-Service Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

Ameesh Divatia‘s company Baffle now offers an encryption-as-a-service (EaaS) solution that supports SQL databases. This will ensure that sensitive data remains encrypted end to end while stored in the cloud.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches were at an all-time high last year, making Baffle’s new development especially relevant.

Its news release reports that its new support system for SQL databases will also automate multiple native database encryption capabilities, and implement advanced application-based encryption without any change to existing application code and allow all SQL queries on encrypted data.

To read more, visit its site here.

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