Making the Sale With Maurice W. Evans

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In this video clip, Maurice W. Evans, expert coach and CEO of iGROWyourBiz, Inc., offers advice on closing a sale by becoming a big name in your niche. He calls this giving yourself an “unfair advantage.” By building authority in your niche, you will have a greater impact and customers will start to come to you.

The number one reason why people fail to close sales is they lose out to a competitor, usually one with a ‘bigger’ name.”

More about our expert: Maurice W. Evans is an internationally recognized author, expert coach, trainer and speaker, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer for Jay Conrad Levinson, and a Certified Leadership Trainer for the John C. Maxwell Team. Learn more at iGROWyourBiz, Inc.

He is currently helping authors, coaches, consultants, creatives, agencies and entrepreneurs generate passive income and gain high-paying customers, agency in a box and franchise prototyping.

His focus is to help people begin to do what they love for a living and get paid well to do it so they may live out their dream lives.  He shows them how to force success to chase them so they become success generators because they want to become irresistibly magnetic to their ideal customers. By helping them create their platforms, he has helped many make 5, 6, 7 or 8 figures per month for the first time in their businesses. He turns people into celebrities, bestselling authors and authority influencers by multiplying social presence and content through

Maurice has been seen in: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., The New York Times and more.

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