Forbes Coaches Council Members Launch Exciting New Projects, Ventures

Forbes Coaches Council members are always looking for ways to support and educate business owners, from teaching them valuable leadership development skills to creating products that will have a valuable impact on their bottom line.

These four coaches we’re about to highlight are no different. Their new podcasts, software, books and mastermind groups are aimed to help businesses and leaders thrive.

Below, we highlight those members and their big news.

Rey Castellanos Launches New Podcast ‘We Fail Forward’

Rey Castellanos, executive and leadership coach at Feed Your Wolf, has launched a new podcast, We Fail Forward. Its aim is to transform the way the world views failure.

“On the show, we interview massively successful entrepreneurs, innovators and changemakers about their biggest failures,” says Castellanos. “We uncover how those failures have contributed to their success and ultimately shaped who they’ve become.”

Each guest on the podcast submits a “resume of failures.” It is then published alongside the show to increase transparency and empower listeners to be bolder and fail forward.

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Vikram Rajan Launches Game-Changing Testimonial Software ‘Raviate’

Vikram Rajan, co-founder of, has launched a new word-of-mouth marketing automation software called Raviate.

Raviate allows you to receive voice-recorded testimonials, thank you’s and compliments from clients, customers and colleagues. Once you approve them, you can automatically post them on social media and your website, and they will appear in Google search results.

Rajan explains how it works: “When a client or colleague thanks you for doing something great, simply say, ‘We’d love to feature you on our website! Can you share your experience as a voice message?’ They can then record a voice testimonial about you through your Raviate phone number or your website. They record and hang up; that’s all. They’ll be prompted to attach their social media account to the ‘rave’ (only after you approve it), or they can remain anonymous. Their circle of influence will hear them raving about you, driving more interest back to you!”

You can get started using Raviate, here.

Farshad Asl’s Book Reaches Top Of Amazon Best-Seller List

The “No Excuses” Mindset: A Life of Purpose Passion and Clarity, written by Forbes Coaches Council member Farshad Asl, reached No. 1 on the Amazon Kindle Best-Seller’s List in Marketing for Small Businesses, topping authors such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

Asl has also launched two new books, The “No Excuses” Mindset Mastermind and The “No Excuses” Success Planner.

The series eradicates the doubts, fears, and inabilities that often sabotage success, and proves that there is no room for excuses in life, only opportunities.

Farshad said he achieved his own goals through utilizing his “no excuses” mindset. “When I first arrived in America October of 1998, I had $400.00 in my pocket and a deep desire to transform my life. America was the land of opportunity, not the land of excuses; therefore I knew I had to live it right. My hunger to succeed outweighed any doubt or fear I had. I was going to make my ‘American Dream’ a reality.”

Learn more about this news, here.

Jevonnah Ellison Launches Mastermind Group for Women in Business

Jevonnah Ellison, founder of Maximum Potential Academy, has opened “The Leading Ladies Mastermind,” a group for women who are on the cutting edge of business and are looking to build strong, supportive relationships with one other.

Ellison is now seeking new members, ranging from speakers, authors and coaches to business owners, ministry leaders, finance and fitness professionals, doctors and entrepreneurs.

“We face an entirely different set of challenges as successful business women,” says Ellison. “Facing the world with like-minded women gives us confidence, insight and solutions to problems we may not have considered on our own. The Leading Ladies Mastermind program will provide you with the friendship, inspiration, direction, resources, support and accountability you need to continue making remarkable gains in your business.”

The group will meet weekly via an hour-long, live transformational video conference call. It is a 12-month commitment.

To learn more and apply, click here.

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here.

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