Forbes Nonprofit Council Member Companies Launch New Projects, Announce Name Changes and More

Forbes Nonprofit Council members celebrated exciting news in the past few months, from hosting rooftop galas to launching international projects.

See below for three recent notable achievements.

goods for good Announces Name Change to Yamba Malawi

goods for good, a nonprofit empowering communities in Malawi to care for vulnerable children, recently announced that it has changed its name to Yamba Malawi. CEO and Forbes Nonprofit member Melissa Kushner says the new name and brand strategy reflects the organization’s growth and upcoming initiatives.

In Malawi, yamba means begin. Yamba Malawi looks to bring brighter beginnings to Malawi’s children. Yamba Malawi plans to expand its impact through the new brand identity. The organization is introducing a combination of social services, one-on-one coaching, and business development to ensure every child in Malawi has food, education, and care, while establishing economic systems and safety nets.

Since their founding, Yamba Malawi has built 10 community-level businesses, launched 40 household businesses, and impacted the lives of over 100,000 vulnerable children.

Goodwill® Celebrates Goodwill Industries Week and 115 Years

For 115 years, Goodwill has worked in communities to help people get back to work and support their families.

Vice President and Forbes Nonprofit member Jennifer Colombo says that during this commemoration in early May, Goodwill hosted a variety of events, including career fairs and hiring events, donation drives, customer appreciation sales events, store openings, volunteer recruitment drives, fundraisers and employee engagement activities. The celebrations highlighted growth, achievements and the impact Goodwill has in the communities they serve.

Dr. Hudson Garrett Starts Infection Prevention Institute, inc.

This March, President and Forbes Nonprofit member Dr. Hudson Garrett worked with Dr. Ruth Carrico to start The Infection Prevention Institute, Inc., which provides a platform for exchanging best practices in the prevention of infection in healthcare and community settings. The Institute provides online podcasts, webcasts, online courses and certificates of mastery, and a variety of free clinical resource materials for both healthcare professionals and consumers.

Says Dr. Garrett: “This nonprofit organization was started to create global availability of evidence-based practices for the prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) across the healthcare continuum of care and also in our communities. The company envisions a world where Healthcare Associated Infections are eradicated from the face of the earth, thereby reducing mortality and morbidity, improving patient satisfaction, and reducing healthcare costs.”

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here.

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