Forbes Legal Council Member Company McDonnell and Associates, PA Launches Loan-File Disbursement Software

Our members are continuing to achieve big things during the summer months. This Forbes Legal Council member is excited to announce the launch of his firm’s new software. See below for this notable achievement.

Firm McDonnell and Associates, PA, Announces First Fully Automated, Loan-File Disbursement Software That Prevents Fraud

Edward McDonnell. Photo courtesy of individual member.

On June 20, McDonnell and Associates, PA announced the launch of its revolutionary mortgage settlement funding platform, MandA Secured Escro. It reduces the risk of fraud and social engineering, shortens closing funding times and increases productivity in the mortgage closing process. McDonnell and Associates, PA, founded in 2003 by Edward McDonnell, focuses on real estate law, title development and settlement services.

“With MandA Secured Escro, we are performing disbursements more efficiently and transparently than ever,” said Ted Woloszyk, COO of McDonnell and Associates, PA. “We’re thrilled to offer this unique solution that assists our disbursement staff and our lender partners in performing their job duties more quickly and more proficiently, all in a highly secured environment.”

With MandA Secured Escro, payments are made on time and process more quickly. All transactions process directly from the platform via wire, digital check or paper check and are tied directly to the loan file. Data security and fraud prevention are major components of the software: Identities of individuals and businesses on the platform, as well as bank accounts, are fully vetted and users can take advantage of fully integrated encrypted email, secure document sharing and storage, and more.

For more information, visit the MandA Secured Escro website.

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