Forbes Coaches Council members are starting the fall season off strong, from being honored with new awards to making new additions to their team.

Below, we’re highlighting six members and their big news.

Trium Group Adds Three New Leaders to Senior Team

Trium Group, led by Forbes Coaches Council member Andrew Blum, has brought on three new leaders to its senior team.

The management consulting firm helps organizations plan and execute transformations involving strategy, leadership and culture.

Rebecca Ward, Erik Bengtsson and Krisanna Spotswood come from leading consultancies such as McKinsey, Bain, Booz Allen Hamilton, Accenture, and EY.

“Our work requires seasoned, dynamic consultants who can bring a broad range of experience and perspectives to the challenges our clients face around leadership and strategy execution,” said Trium Group about the news. “We’re proud to welcome three extraordinary new leaders to our senior team and are excited about the potential each one of them has to help us serve in increasingly innovative and impactful ways.”

To learn more about Trium’s new team members, click here.

Knockerball Experiences Promising Growth

Knockerball, a bubble soccer equipment brand affiliated with Forbes Coaches Council member and partner at Blue Ridge Development Laura Taylor, has been receiving widespread recognition across the nation.

The company, which leads and mentors more than 250 affiliates across the country, has had T.V. coverage on shows like Good Morning America and the Bachelor, as well as a pro-athlete fan base from Kurt Warner, James Harden, Cam Newton, Shaquille O’Neal and Curt Cousins.

“With a new product portfolio launching in the fall along with a focus on leadership training, we believe Knockerball will be a premier low-investment, turnkey business for the budding entrepreneur,” said Laura.

To learn more about Knockerball, click here.

Executive Cat Herder Holds One-of-a-Kind Nonprofit Event

In an effort to change the nonprofit landscape, Executive Cat Herder, led by Forbes Coaches Council member Maresa Friedman, is holding a first-of-its-kind event called Compete for Causes in San Diego.

Compete for Causes gives individuals, businesses and nonprofits the platform to raise awareness for their charity of choice through social sports competitions. Maresa’s hope is that the event will draw awareness to all 32 charities involved and their causes.

The mission for Compete for Causes is to raise funding and bring awareness to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a brain disorder found in people who have suffered repeated blows to the head. A portion of all proceeds will go towards the research, education and treatment of CTE.

Managing Change Course Receives Five-Star Rating From Visitors

A self-improvement course by Forbes Coaches Council member Ronald Allen, founder of Managing Change, has received raving reviews from users.

“Success, It’s All in Your Mind” addresses the latent psychological, social and cultural forces that can control people. The course walks users through a series of steps that begin to identify, address and question what it is that they naturally gravitate towards as a means to successfully manage change.

To view the course on Udemy, click here.

Cracking the Code to Success Honored With Best-Sellers’ Quill Award

Cracking the Code to Success, a book co-authored by Forbes Coaches Council member Jan Makela, is set to receive the National Academy of Best-Selling Author’s Quill Award.

The award honors authors around the world for their contribution to education, enlightenment and the advancement of business. In Makela’s book, today’s leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their solutions to achieving success in health, life, wealth and business.

Jan is set to receive the award in Los Angeles at the end of September 2017.

Christine Culbertson to Present Gift to Wise 50 Over 50 Award Winner

Christine Culbertson will present an In-Kind gift to one of the award winners of Wise 50 Over 50.

The award recognizes the accomplishments of business men and women who are over 50 years old and have purchased or started their own business.

An often forgotten demographic, but the quickest growing segment in the marketplace, Coach Christine Culbertson is thrilled to be a supporter. “Helping business professionals and owners succeed by sharing my knowledge and expertise is profoundly rewarding for me,” she says.

When asked why she volunteers and supports so many organizations, Christine said, “It makes my heart sing when I can make a difference in the world and to help others dream big and make it happen. I’m honored to be welcomed as a contributor and supporter. I eagerly look forward to the official winning announcement next month and getting started with one of our award-winning and deserving businesses!”

To learn more about the 50 Over 50 Awards, click here.


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