Forbes Coaches Council members have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. As the year draws to a close, they’re publishing new books, winning prestigious awards, and as always, making a difference in the professional lives of others.

Below, we highlight nine members and their big news.

Dr. Corinthia Price Appointed to Suffolk County Workforce Development Board

Forbes Coaches Council member Dr. Corinthia Price, CEO and founder of Workforce Career Readiness, was appointed to the workforce development board in Suffolk County, New York.

The board will develop the Local Workforce Development Plan to provide workforce activities that increase employment, retention, earnings, and occupational skill attainment. The goal is to improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the local economy.

To learn more about this news, click here.

Maresa Friedman A Finalist For Business Woman of the Year Award

Maresa Friedman, Forbes Coaches Council member and CEO of Executive Cat Herder, was named a finalist for the San Diego Business Journal’s Business Women of the Year Awards.

This marks the 3rd nomination for Maresa Friedman from the esteemed and nationally recognized publication. She was recently honored as one of San Diego’s Most Admired CEO’s and was last years notable as one of the business journal’s “Women Who Mean Business.”

Maresa also received special recognition from the California State Senate 38th District for her unyielding commitment to exemplary leadership in the business community and her dedication to the economic growth of San Diego.

Learn more about the Business Women of the Year Awards, here.

Camille Preston’s New Book Offers Actionable Insights to Increase Bandwidth and Impact 

In today’s always-on and over-wired world, it can be difficult to find focus or fulfillment. Many of us are looking for new ways to build the bandwidth needed to bring our attention back to those things that really matter.

Forbes Coaches Council member, Dr. Camille Preston, shares her insights on this challenge in her new book, Create More Flow.

In her work with companies, executives and teams around the country, Camille has witnessed the powerful impact flow can have on one’s work and life. While the result of time spent in flow can be incredibly impactful, it can be easy to become overwhelmed thinking about the process. That’s why Camille wrote Create More Flow as a tactical guide to achieving and increasing time spent in flow.

In the book – available today on Amazon – Camille offers insights on how to increase productivity, creativity, and happiness through tangible examples and sample exercises, so the reader can focus on struggling purposefully and achieving more.

You can purchase the book here.

Parul Agrawal Publishes New Book on Motherhood

Forbes Coaches Council member Parul Agrawal recently published the new book, When You’re Done ExpectingThe book is a compilation of stories on motherhood from 112 moms from across the globe.

Each mom shares her own story about the challenges and triumphs she’s faced as a mother or daughter. Some tell tales of the day their child was born and lessons they’ve learned on their motherhood journey, while others weave stories about finding the perfect work-life balance to raise conscious children in a tech-driven society.

The book also includes a foreword by Mr. Frank Shankwitz, one of the founders of The Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Parul says her mission is not only to empower mothers but to connect mothers from different parts of the world.

You can get a copy of When You’re Done Expecting on Amazon.

Tyron Giuliani Launches New Masterclass on LinkedIn 

Tyron Giuliani, founder of Selling Made Social, recently launched a new masterclass revealing the five steps to get non-stop business leads and deals on LinkedIn.

A brand new perspective on how to monetize your LinkedIn presence, the 45-minute class explores strategies to attract highly qualified business leads following Microsoft’s purchase of the platform.

You can learn more and register for the class, here.

Tamara Patzer Speaks at Harvard Business Expert Forum

Tamara Patzer, creator and executive producer of the Daily Success Media Network, spoke at the Entrepreneurship Student Club of the Harvard Business School’s Expert Business Forum.

Tamara shared her journey to become the best-selling author-publisher of the Women Innovators: Leaders, Makers, and Givers book series and award-winning Women Innovators Radio show.

Host Clint Arthur also presented Tamara with the Author Marketer of 2017 Award for her contribution to helping authors go beyond best-seller with innovative marketing that creates reach, authority, celebrity, credibility and expert status.

“It was an honor to share my vision with more than 160 entrepreneurs, medical professionals, financial experts and authors at Harvard Faculty Club,” said Tamara. “To earn the ‘Author Marketer’ award for helping authors take their lives and careers to the next level was amazing.”

Learn more about this news here.

Mansfield Sales Partners Rebrands, Launches New Website

Mansfield Sales Partners, led by Forbes Coaches Council member Greg Dunne, unveiled a new brand identity, featuring a new website, refined messaging, and a modernized logo.

According to the company, “The new branding showcases the evolution of the trusted outsourced sales team into a fully integrated strategic sales advisory firm that provides clients with complete sales solutions that align sales organizations with business growth goals.“

“We are constantly evolving to better meet the needs of our clients,” said Greg. “This brand transformation better represents who we are today, our capabilities as an external sales advisor, and our strategic vision for the future. This is an exciting time for Mansfield Sales Partners.”

You can check out the new website, here.

Tamiko Cuellar Publishes New Book for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

In her new book, Own Your Brilliance, Forbes Coaches Council member Tamiko Cuellar is sharing how high-performing women can create their own careers by hiring themselves.

The book inspires women to own their talent and transition into entrepreneurship given the wage gap and the struggle for women to achieve work-life balance.

As a business startegist, speaker and founder of Pursue Your Purpose, Tamiko says, “This book is like having your very own personal business coach guide you to make the most successful transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. I give women an inside look at my failures that I turned into successes in my candid journey of taking ownership of my brilliance as an entrepreneur.”

You can purchase the book, here.

Heather Pinay a Panelist at WESK Sweet Success Event in Regina, Shares Favorite Books

Heather Pinay, founder of Authentically: Business & Life Solutions, was a panelist at Sweet Success 2017, an event held by Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) in Regina, Canada.

The event was intended to “inspire and educate entrepreneurial women to succeed in business.”

After being asked what her favorite three books were, Heather wrote up a blog post to go more in depth as to her answers. “I would love you to comment on Facebook and let me know what you are reading and if you’ve read any of my top picks,” said Heather.

You can learn more about the Sweet Success event, here.

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on, here.

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