Forbes Coaches Council members are never done mentoring and inspiring. From publishing how-to books to hosting leadership conferences, these women are helping to educate entrepreneurs and consultants in every step of their journey.

Below, we highlight five members and their big news.

Dr. Terri Horton Receives Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership 

Forbes Coaches Council member Dr. Terri Horton, principal consultant and owner of TLT Consulting, received a Doctorate in Education with a focus on Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California.

Terri also completed the MIT Executive Program in Artificial Intelligence Business Strategy.

As an advocate for lifelong learning and leveling up, completing both programs aligns with her consultative expertise and approach, which sits at the intersection of the future of work, skills and learning in the artificial intelligence economy.

In 2018, Terri will provide keynote speaking, workshops and corporate training on how artificial intelligence will drive the reimagination of work. Jobs and careers.

Tracy Repchuk Launches New Program on Generating Income 

Tracy Repchuk, CEO of InnerSurf Online Brand & Web Services, launched a new, 12-week program called Your Million Dollar Design, a results-focused product blueprint that teaches small business owners how to streamline sales and generate income.

The class, which was a result of Tracy realizing that many small business owners lacked focus and the ability to ask for money and effectively structure an offer, offers step-by-step instruction on how to continuously generate money from one idea.

“You don’t build anything until you have first proven the concept,” says Tracy. “No wasted time, effort, or resources – just pure focus on results.”

Learn more about the program, here. Hosts Conference for Entrepreneurial Trailblazers hosted the 10th Annual Design Your Destiny Live conference, a transformative experience for trailblazers who want to thrive personally and professionally and are called to make a difference in the world.

Designed by Forbes Coaches Council member Lisa Marie Platske, Design Your Destiny Live helps entrepreneurs, managers and consultants become sought-after, well-paid experts through seven pillars: plan, personality, partnership, priorities, presence, progress and professional development.

The next Design Your Destiny Live event will take place January 24-26 in Manhattan Beach, California. You can sign up, here.

Christie Lindor Publishes New Book on Consulting 

Christie Lindor, Forbes Coaches Council member and management consultant, made her debut as an author after publishing The MECE Muse: 100+ Selected Practices, Unwritten Rules, and Habits of Great Consultants

MECE (pronounced ME-SEE) stands for “mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive” and is a key principle in management consulting to facilitate a structured approach towards solving complex business problems. 

In the MECE Muse, Lindor shares insights on how to be a great consultant in the voice of the mentor she wishes she had earlier in her consulting career. It’s an insider’s guide to consulting, featuring stories and best practices from her research connecting with 50 consulting partners and leaders across 27 professional services firms, including 8 out of the top 10 consulting firms in the world on how to be a great consultant.

“I decided to write this book after spending countless hours mentoring early career consultants,” says Christie. “As a first-generation Haitian-American and college graduate, I entered the consulting world without many of the tools and resources my peers had–and quickly realized being smart and ambitious wasn’t enough to climb the ladder. I hope to act as the mentor I wish I had to aspiring or early career consultants who don’t necessarily have connections or an Ivy League background but who are smart, willing to work hard and are genuinely good people focused on solving client problems.”

For more information about the book, visit

Gina Gomez Serves as Mentor for Interactive Marketing Training Program  

Beginning this February, Gina Gomez, business and life coach, will be a mentor for Marie Forleo’s B-School, an “8 week, interactive, video-based training program that teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.”

The program is ideal for aspiring beginners, small business owners, and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to learn the ropes when it comes to smart, honest online marketing.

Gina will serve as a mentor for three months.

For more information, click here.

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on, here.

Have news of your own to share with the community? Submit your accomplishments to our team by visiting the “Get Media Exposure” page in your member dashboard.

In addition to all your great news, we’re excited to share that our founders wrote a book and it comes out tomorrow! It’s called Superconnector, and this community is part of the inspiration behind its message — that purposeful relationship building and habitual generosity are foundational to business success today.  

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