Forbes HR Council Member Releases Book for Young Professionals

Forbes Human Resources Council members continue to help and support professionals in their industries. At the start of 2018, Kristin Williams released a book that shares the secrets of her own journey to success for others who are following in her footsteps. Below, we highlight her new book.

Kristin Williams’ Book Aunt Kris, Can You Help Me? Now Available on Amazon

Kristin Williams

Kristin Williams recently released a new book, Aunt Kris, Can You Help Me?: 10 Ingredients for Career and Life Success as a Young Professional. This book uses the power of storytelling to help young professionals navigate the challenges of a career.

Kristin Williams is vice president of enterprise services at mobile virtual network operator Ultra Mobile. When she first started out in her career, she relied on the wisdom of her mother to get ahead. Now, Kristin is inviting other young professionals into the conversation to find success in their lives and careers. Through these chapters, they can learn how to develop their personal brand, overcome self-doubt, stand out as a leader and more.

The book is available on Amazon.

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In addition to all your great news, we’re excited to share that our founders wrote a book and it comes out February 27! It’s called Superconnector, and this community is part of the inspiration behind its message — that purposeful relationship building and habitual generosity are foundational to business success today.  

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