Members of the Forbes Agency Council have much to talk about these days, from book launches to big partnerships and much more.

Below, we highlight six members and their big news.

Fabian Geyrhalter Publishes New Book To Brands’ Rescue

Fabian Geyrhalter. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Fabian Geyrhalter, Principal at FINIEN, announces the launch of his book, Bigger Than This: How to Turn Any Venture Into an Admired Brand, available now on Amazon and from booksellers across the country. Geyrhalter is excited to share this quick read about “the deceptively difficult task of turning your venture into an admired brand” with new readers and brand followers.

Early reviews of the work include such praise as: “Just the right mix of big ideas and practical examples” (Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews); “You’re likely to find yourself referencing it again and again” (David Glaze, Amazon Creative Director); and “Essential reading” (Heather McGough, Lean Startup Co.).

Geyrhalter says he was inspired to write the book after continuously seeing the arrival of “startup sensations” based on commodity products that were ultimately differentiated by “brand thinking.” The book distills his hearty body of research into eight key brand traits, accompanied by commandments to apply to the brand.

Learn more about Bigger Than This here, and order your copy on Amazon or where books are sold.

Marketing360 Joins Exclusive Facebook Partner Network

Jerry Kelly. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Marketing360, where efforts are led by CMO Jerry Kelly, has been named a Facebook Marketing Partner, the agency has recently announced. Aiming to “make it easier for marketers to find trusted partners who are great at what they need to do,” the Facebook Marketing Partner program is populated by global brands from Adobe to Hubspot to Nielsen to Vantage.

Joining the network to offer its small business solutions to a broader scope of clients, Marketing 360 offers an all-in-one solution for brands. Explore Partner News and the Partner Marketing Directory at

Wellington Group and Integrate Agency Merge Under Robbie Wright, Allie Danziger

Robbie Wright. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Allie Danziger. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Robbie Wright, CEO of Wellington Group Marketing & PR, announces the merger of his organization with Houston-based Integrate Agency, a PR and social media agency led by Allie Danziger. Together under the Integrate Agency name, the firm will become the first fully integrated digital and traditional marketing firm in Texas.

According to a press release, the merger allows the groups to provide their now-combined roster of clients a “full-service marketing solution that will change their businesses.”

Danziger said in a press release, “The marketing world has evolved again, and as our clients’ needs have shifted, so will we. … Robbie and the Wellington team are the perfect group of entrepreneurial-minded partners to expand our collective offerings and provide clients the truly integrated marketing approach we know they need,” she added.

Click here to learn more about the merger.

GRAFX CO. Celebrates Five Years Of Climbing To The Top

Cagan Yuksel. Photo courtesy of individual member.

CEO and Creative Director Cagan Yuksel and the rest of the hardworking team behind GRAFX CO. are celebrating half a decade of hard work — and the myriad ways it’s paid off. Specializing in creative and design, production/post-production, digital media and experiential media, the agency has earned awards and recognition for its work with companies in virtually every industry under the sun, from beauty to real estate to finance to education and more.

Now, GRAFX CO. is excited and proud to be partnering with industry players that will help the agency expand into the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. In a recent blog post, the leadership of GRAFX CO. announced four executive partnerships that will give the agency the ability to provide “360º multi-disciplinary media services and create original content around the globe.”

Read more from Yuksel on the agency’s growth and new partnerships here.

New Book From Pete Canalichio Helps Marketers Find Their Way

Pete Canalichio. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Pete Canalichio, author and brand strategist behind Licensing Brands/Inc., shares his expertise in his new book, Expand, Grow, Thrive: 5 Proven Steps to Turn Good Brands Into Global Brands Through the LASSO Method, available now.

How did the licensing industry originate and grow to be a $260 billion global industry? And how are the best-in-class brands today utilizing licensing to enhance their consumers’ brand experience and meet their growth targets? Through storytelling and multiple perspectives, Canalichio’s new book answers these questions.

“People want to work for companies that they feel are going places, literally and figuratively. However, companies are not reaching their growth targets,” he explains. The book includes proven steps and helpful algorithms that help marketers get results. The LASSO model — lateral, addictive, storied, scalable, own-able) simply and helpfully allows marketers to understand what makes successful growth programs successful.

Learn more about the book here, or order your copy from Amazon now.

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