Forbes New York Business Council Member Company Impacting Lives Around the World

In the first few months of 2018, our members have achieved amazing things. Forbes New York Business Council member company Beyond Capital has already impacted countless lives with its most recent investments. Below, we highlight its big news.

Beyond Capital Helps Those in Need Through Its Investments

Eva Yazhari

Beyond Capital, an influential impact investment fund that seeks out and commits to helping for-profit social enterprises designed to help those in need in impoverished communities, experienced an eventful beginning to 2018. It exited one company with an exceptional rate of return, while it invested its resources in another promising enterprise. You might call it the circle of life. FNYC member Eva Yazhari is co-founder of Beyond Capital.

ERC Eye Care began as a standalone clinic and community outreach camps providing accessible, affordable, and inclusive on-demand eye care services in underserved communities in Assam, India. Beyond Capital invested in ERC in 2014, which allowed the company to expand its vision centers throughout northeast India and open its first hub hospital, as well as improve its IT systems, telemedicine facilities and quality standards. Beyond Capital sold its ownership stake in ERC, realizing a 26% IRR over a four-year holding period.

Beyond Capital also recently announced its investment in Farmers Pride, an innovative enterprise working to improve the income and productivity of smallholder farmers in its native Kenya. Farmers Pride’s ambitious business model leverages the local agro-dealer network to build franchised outlets in remote locations that facilitate timely and affordable delivery of farm inputs, services and information. Beyond Capital’s initial investment will serve to support the expansion of Farmers Pride’s franchise network. The company looks to grow to 14 franchised outlets impacting 7,000+ farmers over the next year.

Since its founding in 2009 Beyond Capital has impacted the lives of more than 2.3 million people — 1.6 million of them women — living below the poverty line in East India and Africa.

This is just one example of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here.

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