Forbes Nonprofit Council Member Companies Offer Treatment to Veterans, Launch New Accelerator

Forbes Nonprofit Council members continue to make a difference in others’ lives, from combat veterans with post traumatic stress to other nonprofit organizations. Below, we highlight two members and their recent achievements.

Mission 22 Offers PTSD Treatment for Veterans Nationwide

Sara Dawdy

Mission 22 now offers treatment for combat veterans for post traumatic stress nationwide. Veterans can be treated where they live and Mission 22 covers 100% of the costs. Led by CEO Sara Dawdy, Mission 22 is leading the charge to end veteran suicide in America.

Mission 22 currently offers two treatment programs that focus on traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. These groundbreaking treatments are completely covered by Mission 22 and aim “not to medicate and mask the problems our veterans are facing but to heal them.”

Learn more about Mission 22’s cause here.

Mission Edge Launches Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL)

Alicia Quinn

Mission Edge recently announced the launch of its 2018 Social Enterprise Accelerator and Impact Lab (SAIL) to empower nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven businesses to develop sustainable, revenue-based business models that align with their social missions. Alicia Quinn is the program director at Mission Edge, spearheading corporate social responsibility programs and a social enterprise accelerator for nonprofits.

In partnership with Qualcomm Foundation, The San Diego Foundation, San Diego Workforce Partnership, Mitchell International and Cox, the 14-week program provides a rich curriculum with content, tools, workshops and lectures that help participants build and test their business models.

Says Quinn: “Social enterprise has become much more than just a buzzword or a trend. It has undeniably changed the way nonprofits do business and continues to influence startup culture and the corporate world. Addressing a social issue with a business model allows organizations to reach new customers, maximize impact and become more sustainable.”

Read more about the launch here.