Members of Forbes Technology Council have had some big wins in the past couple of months, from launching new product offerings and partnering with other businesses on inspiring projects to making major acquisitions and serving as judges for exciting competitions. Below, we highlight eight members and their big news.

HYPR Corp. Collaborates With Samsung

Bojan Simic. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Bojan Simic, CTO and co-founder of HYPR Corp., is pleased to announce the company’s collaboration with Samsung. Partnering with identity management-as-a-service provider Samsung Pass, HYPR will help enhance employee login experiences around the world. This next phase for enterprise security eliminates the single point of failure that centralization creates by ensuring that personal credentials such as biometrics, PINs and passwords remain safely decentralized on users’ devices.

Hector Lozano, Senior Business Development Manager of Samsung Pass, said in a recent press release: “The work HYPR has done building decentralized biometric solutions directly aligns with what Samsung is trying to achieve with Samsung Pass.”

HYPR has also received a strategic investment from Samsung NEXT, bringing the company’s total funding to date to $13.8 million. This follows a Series A funding round led by RRE Ventures, as well as a partnership with and investment from Mastercard to transform digital payment security. “We believe HYPR’s ability to offer a neutral, one-stop platform that offers a suite of biometric solutions for clients to choose from is very attractive. That’s because its technology allows enterprises to deploy and scale interoperable biometrics authentication to millions of users,” said Patrick Chang, principal of Samsung NEXT Ventures.

Macauley Serves as Pageant Judge

Shefik Macauley. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Shefik Macauley, executive producer and host of syndicated radio show Shefik presents Invocation, is proud to report that he has once again been named a judge for the USA National Miss pageant. Macauley will aid in the official judging for the New York and New Jersey state contestants, serving alongside a panel of esteemed judges. Winners will then move on to the 2018 national pageant, taking place in Walt Disney World this July, where Savvy Shields, Miss America 2017, will be serving as head judge.

Shefik was also named an official judge for the 10th Annual Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media by recognizing the influencers, brands and organizations innovating across the social web. Past winners include Adele, Taylor Swift, J.K. Rowling, Conan O’Brien, DJ Khaled, HBO, Virgin America, ESPN, GoPro and American Express.

Provata Health Acquired by StayWell

Alex Goldberg. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Alex Goldberg, CEO of Provata Health, is excited to share that his company was recently acquired by StayWell, a subsidiary of healthcare giant Merck & Co. StayWell’s focus on health and wellness technology will come together with Provata’s wellness engagement tools designed for employers, health systems and hospital systems.

In a recent press release, StayWell CEO Nicole Latimer said, “The Provata platform is a great complement to StayWell’s existing product portfolio, enhancing our competitive market position and further empowering individuals to take active roles in their own health and achieve the best possible outcomes.” Goldberg, who will become vice president of innovation for StayWell, added, “The combination of our offerings provides individuals with powerful, engaging tools that will enable lasting improvements to their physical and mental health.”

Target’s Vliet Participates in MODEX 2018

Kevin Vliet. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Kevin Vliet, VP of supply chain engineering, design and automation at Target Corporation, is pleased to report that he has participated in key industry events at the MODEX 2018 Supply Chain Expo & Conference in Atlanta this month. Vliet was a judge for the MHI Innovation Award, which showcases the latest innovative manufacturing and supply chain products and services. He also sat on a keynote panel of manufacturing and supply chain professionals to discuss the real-world significance of the MHI 2018 Annual Industry Report. Vliet’s selection to participate in these important events at MODEX 2018 is in recognition of his contributions to the industry as an end user of supply chain equipment and services, particularly in the area of supply chain automation innovation.

Propelware Launches Shopify-QuickBooks Integration

Joe Dwyer. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Joe Dwyer, founder and CTO of Propelware, is proud to announce the launch of the company’s Shopify-QuickBooks Integration, which took place last month. Propelware has been helping businesses that run QuickBooks seamlessly connect their data to Salesforce through its Autofy integration platform since 2011, but this new integration will help businesses to also integrate their e-commerce systems, allowing companies that sell online via Shopify to connect their sales and inventory at the click of a button.

“SMBs hate doing data entry and aren’t very good at it,” said Dwyer. “With our Shopify-QuickBooks integration, anyone who sells products online through Shopify can seamlessly connect their orders directly with QuickBooks without lifting a finger. When new inventory is added to QuickBooks, it will automatically be uploaded to their online store too. It makes tracking sales super simple so SMBs can work on growing their business, not managing the daily processing of data entry.”

Proper Media Acquires Spoutable

Chris Richmond. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Chris Richmond, CEO of Proper Media, is excited to report that his company acquired web monetization specialist Spoutable, LLC on February 27, 2018. Richmond says Proper Media “acquired Spoutable as a strategic move to take our adtech company to the next level. In the deal, we acquired eight rockstar employees, including their CEO and CTO, who will join us long term to help the combined company.” Bringing hundreds of top-tier websites using their ad units — perfect potential clients for Proper’s adtech platform — the newly combined business can serve more than four billion monthly ad impressions.

“This acquisition expands the capabilities of Proper Media’s management of advertising for large-scale publishers by adding one-off, unique and highly engaging units running across hundreds of publishers to fully service the industry at scale,” Richmond noted in a recent press release.

Planned Parenthood’s Napoli to Judge Medical Capital Innovation Competition

Robert Napoli. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Robert Napoli, SVP and Chief Information Officer of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, is happy to report that he will be serving as a judge at the Medical Capital Innovation Competition in Cleveland on April 23rd – 24th. The competition, presented by BioEnterprise in partnership with the Global Center for Health Innovation, invites professional and collegiate teams to create and present business plans, competing to win $100,000 worth of prizes, along with mentoring and access to business advisers. This year’s theme is “Disruptive Technologies: The Next Generation of Healthcare.”

UpGuard Launches BreachSight

Mike Baukes. Photo courtesy of individual member.

Mike Baukes, co-founder and co-CEO of UpGuard, is excited to announce the launch of BreachSight, a service that proactively discovers exposed datasets and aids in the analysis of these exposures. Launched March 20, 2018, the discovery engine targets the digital surfaces where the Cyber Risk team typically finds sensitive data sets publicly exposed, identifying a variety of data points including exposed credentials, exposed data, apps that may be exposed to squatting, top-level domains that may be exposed to squatting and more.

“In the past year, the UpGuard Cyber Risk team has helped to secure over 335 million publicly exposed records belonging to entities such as the Republican National Convention, Verizon, Viacom, INSCOM, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more,” said Baukes. “As a result of our experience finding leaks and working with organizations to secure them, we have realized that new methods are necessary to effectively respond to the scale of this problem.” In a recent press release, he added, “Our team is uncovering data breaches every day because of one simple fact: Organizations don’t know what data they have, who has it, and where it exists. BreachSight will allow customers to regain control of their private data by providing total visibility over their digital footprint.”

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here.

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